MAX JIU-JITSU ACADEMY Class Reservation Page for Stage 1 & 2 ステージ1、2 クラス予約ページ

MAXJJ Stage 1 & 2 クラス予約ページ Class Reservation

ステージ1、2のクラス参加予約ページです。For Stage 1 & 2 Class reservations







How to Use:
・ Please make a reservation by 10 minutes before the class starts. Please enter your true name to identify who you are.

・ Reservations of Stage 1 are accepted up to the first 7 people in the writing order. (Waiting for cancellation after the 8th person)

・ If you wish to join any Stage 2 classes, you need to register as "A PAIR". Please consult Max or Masato before making reservation.

・ Reservations of Stage 2 are accepted up to the first 3 pairs in the writing order. (Waiting for cancellation after the 3 pairs)

・ Please write with the same handle name in case of cancellation. (We will inform people after the 8th person or 3 pairs.)

・ Up to 2 classes per person per week are limited, so reservations can be made up to 2 times per person so that all members can get a fair opportunity. (Please contact us if you can not participate even once.)

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